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Tips on How to Choose an LED Mirror

FacebooktwitterpinterestlinkedinmailThe glow of an LED bathroom mirror brings about a special aura of excitement. There is something so magical about seeing a perfect, crystal-clear reflection in the mirror. VONN LED mirrors combine state-of-the-art technology with versatile, elegant style to add a clutter-free, luxurious touch to your space. With a variety of shapes and sizes, it is no secret that the crystalline reflection and high-end aesthetic of an LED mirror adds customizable, sophisticated style to your space. Leveraging Phillips’ proprietary EnabLED license, VONN LED mirrors allow you to add more clarity to your reflection than ever before. And the result? Simply stunning. LED is the best bathroom lighting source you can have next to natural lighting when applying makeup, shaving, or simply looking at your reflection. This is because LED lighting closely resembles the color spectrum of natural light. With VONN’s state-of-the-art LED Bathroom Mirrors, you have the clear reflection and perfect color lighting temperature you need to excel at grooming tasks while adding a decorative look to your bathroom. Our mirrors’ sleek minimalist design and innovative features like color customization, dimmability, and anti-fog make it easy to transform your everyday routine into a flawless experience. As an added bonus, VONN’s LED mirrors help you transition to a more environmentally friendly lighting system. With almost zero ray emissions, LED bathroom mirrors are not only beautiful but also much safer than conventional lighting fixtures. Bathroom mirrors, based on unique LED technology, have a lifespan almost fifty times higher than incandescent lighting. It gives any home or business owner a cutting edge in terms of maintenance and replacement costs because of its durable design and efficient functionality. Here are some tips that will make choosing a LED Mirror much easier
  • Tip 1. Functionality – Understand the needs of your space, how much light you will need to complete your daily routine. 
  • Tip 2. Size – Be mindful of the dimensions of the wall and the functionality of the bathroom mirror. Usually, LED Bathroom Mirrors are 2 to 4 inches narrower than the vanity (which consists of the sink, its counter, and its surrounding storage).
  • Tip 3. Style – Add character and sophistication to your bathroom with LED bathroom mirrors. Keep in mind the decor of your room; bathroom mirrors are the perfect way to infuse glamour into your space and add a bold statement.
The best part about our mirrors is the high level of customization. Our commitment to investing in the newest technology allows you to add features that technologically elevate your home.  Some of these additional features include: dimmability, color customization, digital clock, TV, Bluetooth/Speaker, advanced anti-fog, choice of Kelvin Temperature, touch sensors. Some options might be for custom orders only (30 count minimum) but feel free to reach out to to inquire about your specific needs. 

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