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Genoa VAP2111BL 5″ Integrated LED Pendant Lighting Fixture with Glass Shade, in Black

Salm VMP22530BL 6″ Integrated LED Pendant Light Fixture in Black

Polaris VMP24610BL 5″ Integrated LED Pendant Lighting Fixture in Black

Salm VMP22530AL 6″ Integrated LED Pendant Light Fixture in Silver

PYLON LED Pendant VMPL001101A005AB, Antique Brass

PYLON LED Pendant VMPL001101A005WH, White

PYLON 8.25″ LED Pendant VMPL001001A005WH, White

PYLON 8.25″ LED Pendant VMPL001001A005BL, Black

PYLON 8.25″ LED Pendant VMPL001001A005AB, Antique Brass

PYLON 12.25″ LED Pendant VMPL001001B005WH, White

PYLON 12.25″ LED Pendant VMPL001001B005BL, Black

PYLON 12.25″ LED Pendant VMPL001001B005AB, Antique Brass

PYLON 16″ LED Pendant VMPL001001C005WH, White

PYLON 16″ LED Pendant VMPL001001C005BL, Black

PYLON 16″ LED Pendant VMPL001001C005AB, Antique Brass

PYLON 20″ LED Pendant VMPL001001D005WH, White

PYLON 20″ LED Pendant VMPL001001D005BL, Black

PYLON 20″ LED Pendant VMPL001001D005AB, Antique Brass

Polaris VMP24410WH 5″ Integrated LED Pendant Lighting Fixture in White

Polaris VMP24510BL 5″ Integrated LED Pendant Lighting Fixture in Black

Polaris VMP24510WH 5″ Integrated LED Pendant Lighting Fixture in White

Polaris VMP24610WH 5″ Integrated LED Pendant Lighting Fixture in White

Polaris VMP26610AL 5″ Integrated LED Pendant Lighting Fixture in Silver

Polaris VMP26610BL 5″ Integrated LED Pendant Lighting Fixture in Black

Why shop VONN.com for LED Pendants? 

Create an eye-capturing masterpiece in your space with LED Mini-Pendant Lights. Perfect sizes that allow works of art to be designed and executed in your room. Small pendant lights are a scaled-down version of LED Pendant Lights, designed to complement pre-existing lighting. These trendsetting and sophisticated lights lend itself to many rooms in a variety of ways, complete your space with VONN LED Mini-Pendant Lights. 

 VONN LED Mini-Pendant Lights are the perfect addition of style to your space. Providing lower-energy consumption and environment-conscious solutions, VONN LED Lights are manufactured with almost zero ray emissions and non-toxic materials, making VONN Lighting a consumer safe lighting solution. 

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Benefits of LED Mini-Pendants

The emergence of LED technology seems to have taken the lighting industry by storm. Homes, business firms and governments are quickly switching and adopting LED lighting as the solution to their global illumination problems and dramatically abandoning the traditional and conventional lighting systems for the well-known benefits of LED lighting. Home lighting seems to have taken the larger portion of the benefit from this new development; many new homes are now being equipped with LED lights during construction. But what is more interesting is the fact that we are now having an emerging new trend led by the emergence of LED lights. Here are some of the benefits offered by LED Mini-Pendants that will make your home shine.

Unrivaled BeautyMini-Pendants have long been a status symbol because of their beauty and simplicity, and the unique messages that they communicate whenever they are strategically hung in specific places. Hanging a Mini-Pendant on a kitchen, dining area or top of a coffee table creates a magnetic attraction to space and dramatically changes the feeling of the interior. Now with LED technology, you can add more brightness and color to the atmosphere of a room. Besides the freedom to create unique masterpieces by placing a group of these at different heights.

Get the sophistication, but cust costsMini-Pendants are known for their simple yet elegant forms. From traditional Pendant lighting to the ultra-modern minimalistic Mini-Pendants. A major drawback on the majority of the lighting system available in years past is the prohibitive replacement cost of replacement bulbs and maintenance. However, LED technology completely takes away this worry for the customer. LED Mini-Pendants are based on LED technology that has a lifespan almost twenty times that of conventional lighting fixtures. This gives any home or business owner a cutting edge in terms of maintenance and replacement costs because of their long-lasting design and functionality

Finally, with LED Mini-Pendants, you get to use a beautiful but environmentally friendly lighting system. With almost zero ray emissions, Led pendants are not only beautiful but also much safer than conventional lighting fixtures. They do not come loaded with chemical elements that are potentially hazardous, and with this, you reduce the impact on the global environment, plus you can live in a safer home as well and have your home or business lighting needs well taken care of. 

How to choose LED Pendant Lights  

Mini-Pendant lights are the perfect way to set the mood in a room. They’re small enough to work in almost any space and ideal to create simple yet stunning art with lighting fixtures. Serving both functional and fashionable purposes, VONN LED Mini-Pendant Lights are meant to be the focal point in your space, whether you’re decorating your home or your office. Here are some tips that will make choosing a Mini-Pendant a lot easier.    

Tip 1. FunctionalityWhen it comes to functionality, you need to understand the needs of your space. Whether you’re looking to accentuate a desired area or create a work of art while still achieving the required lighting for the room.

Tip 2. StyleKeep in mind the style of your space and the style you want to achieve. Whether you want to break the traditional feel of a room using a modern Mini-Pendant or you want to capture the attention with a sophisticated handcrafted masterpiece Mini-Pendant.
Tip 3. PlacementMini-Pendants are versatile. They can be positioned in almost any space and can be used for task lighting or ambient lighting depending on how many want to place. Be mindful of the height you’re placing them so they don’t interfere with the walking space. 

Tip 4. QuantityHow many pendants you’ll need depends on the needs of your space and the style you want to achieve. You can group several together at different heights to create a bold and unique masterpiece or suspend a row of Mini-Pendants above a counter or long table to create evenly spread illumination.

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