Tunable White LED Lights

While the technology behind Vision by VONN fixtures is advanced, buying and installing a Vision by VONN fixture is sparsely more work than a typical lighting fixture. Here’s how it works:

Included in the box is the fixture, an RF remote, installation instructions, and remote operation instructions. This complete package is all that you’ll need to operate your fixture with the remote. Simply install the fixture as you would any other, then follow the quick 4-step process to sync the remote. Done!

How it Works:

WiFi Enabled

Imagine this: Your wife is on her way home from the airport, but you aren’t there to greet her. You’re still at the office, so the house is empty and it’s dark. Now imagine whipping out your phone and turning on the lights ahead of her arrival. With Vision by VONN this is a reality. Control every aspect of the fixture from anywhere on the globe where you have at least a 3G connection.

Kelvin Color Tuning

One of the largest obstacles to LED is getting the white to match the white light produced throughout the rest of your home from your various other lamps, ceiling lights, recessed lights, etc. With Vision by VONN, this is no longer an issue. Through the remote or wifi app, adjust the light produced from each zone and tier from a warm 3000K, up to a cool 6500K. It’s also a blast to play with!


While dimmable LED has been around for years, never before has there been such control. Independently operate each zone on each tier to create the bright downward task lighting and softer ambient up-lighting. Or switch it up and go easy on the down-lighting and crank up the light bouncing off your ceiling. Bottom line, you have options with Vision by VONN.

RF Enabled

Apps and smart phones aren’t your thing? No problem… all Vision by VONN fixtures include a remote, which requires very little setup time, and just a couple batteries. The remote operates on a basic Radio Frequency (RF) signal, so no need to worry about wireless internet, passwords, connectivity issues, etc. It works right out of the box, and every time you need it.

Thanks for your interest in Vision by VONN.

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