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Create a beautiful and elegant space with the warm glow of LED Linear Chandelier Lights. With high standards of perfection during manufacturing, distinctive features, and timeless aesthetics, VONN Lighting presents a beautiful approach to LED Linear Chandelier Lights. 

LED Linear Chandeliers lights from VONN are energy-efficient and environmentally-conscious solutions with a sophisticated, state-of-the-art design. VONN LED Lights are manufactured with almost zero ray emissions and non-toxic materials, making VONN Lighting safe choice for consumers. 

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The emergence of LED technology has taken the lighting industry by storm. Homes, business firms and governments are quickly switching and adopting LED lighting as the solution to their global illumination problems, and dramatically abandoning conventional lighting systems for the well-known benefits of LED lighting. Home lighting has taken the larger portion of the benefit from this new development; as a result many new homes are now being equipped with LED lights during construction. LED lighting in homes is now the latest cutting-edge trend. Here are some of the benefits offered by LED linear chandeliers that will make your home shine.

Unrivaled Beauty – The soft lighting and intricate designs of LED chandeliers create an alluring ambiance as someone enters a space. Hanging a linear chandelier above a kitchen island,  or above a large dining table brings a magnetic attraction to the space, and dramatically changes the feeling of the interior. Now with LED technology, you can add more brightness and color to the atmosphere of a room and the result is simply that of stunning beauty.

Get the Sophistication, but Cut Costs – Linear Chandeliers are known for their slim designs and luxury appeal. From traditional chandelier lighting to the ultra-modern contemporary chandelier’s modeled hard lines and angles, LED chandeliers are unrivaled in sophistication.  A major drawback of previously available lighting systems is the prohibitive cost of replacement bulbs and maintenance. However, LED technology completely takes away this worry for the consumer, as LED technology has a lifespan of almost twenty times more than that of conventional lighting This gives any home or business owner an upper hand in terms of maintenance and replacement costs due to LED’s long-lasting design and functionality

Green Design, with Style– Finally, by using LED linear chandeliers, you do not have to sacrifice beautiful design for eco-consciousness With almost zero ray emissions, LED linear chandeliers are not only stylish but also much safer than conventional lighting fixtures. LED chandeliers are not loaded with potentially hazardous chemical elements, which reduces the impact on their environment. LED lighting provides the advantage of a safer home or business, while also taking care of all lighting needs. 


Linear Chandeliers are more than just a way to illuminate a room. They add style and become part of the home decor. Like any decorative light fixture, the right linear chandelier can make a huge difference in the look and feel of a room. A large or decorative linear chandelier will overwhelm a small room, and a small, simple one will not look right in a formal dining room. Here’s how to choose the best lighting for your home.

Whether you are looking for an LED Linear Chandelier to grace your house, set the tone in your dining room, or add character to another room in your house, LED linear chandeliers are the classic choice for making a big impression on your guests. Today’s modern, contemporary, and transitional styles offer an ever-expanding array of light fixture designs. In addition to style and materials, there are a variety of other factors to consider when selecting your ideal LED linear chandelier, including size, light output, type of light source, dimming options, and more.

Tip 1. Center of Attention – Be sure that the LED linear chandelier is centered over the kitchen countertop or rectangular dining table and not in the middle of the room. If you have a hutch or sideboard against one wall, as most people do, your table will likely be placed slightly off-center in the room, and everything will look off if the LED linear chandelier hangs exactly dead center on the ceiling.

Tip 2. Honor Your Home’s Architectural Style – If you have a beautiful old Craftsman home and throw a modern linear chandelier in there, it will feel modern and exciting, but in five years you might want to change it out for something else. So, unless you’re open to replacing your linear chandelier every time you redecorate, select one that matches your home’s era and architecture.

Tip 3. Consider How Much Light You Need – The LED linear chandelier is only one part of the overall lighting plan. Recessed lights and Perimeter lighting can add even more illumination to your space. It’s best to put linear chandeliers on a dimmer switch, so the intensity of the lighting is controllable. Whether its a dinner party or a relaxing evening at home, you want to make sure you can control the ambiance with the flick of a switch

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